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Tunnel Forms Formwork

Specification of tunnel forms formwork manufactured by Zeman company
Tunnel Forms Formwork

Implementation of buildings consisting of walls and slabs using tunnel shapes

Tunnel formworks are used in building structures which are both from walls and slabs. They are designed somehow in which half of each slab with it adjoining wall and two integrated formworks become mantled as an L-shape all at the same time. After reinforcement, concrete is poured. The location of mechanical and electrical installations can be anticipated in this system and the formworks get opened and closed uninterruptedly. Mantling by crane is done in a minimum time.

Tunnel forms system are used for lining channels, shafts and deviational tunnels. Tulle-shaped forms, in terms of assembling and disassembling, are categorized in two parts:

  1. Hydraulic forms
  2. Mechanical forms
Advantages of a tunnelform system:

Structuring pace

Human force reduction

Joinery reduction

Quick assembly and dismantling of formwork

Execution of mechanical and electrical installation at the same time

Steady and durable with high factor of repeating

Efficient for building expenses

Increasing safety in the project

Wall and slabs operation at the same time

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