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Technical & Engineering Department

Our set of activities in technical & engineering department

Technical & Engineering Department

One of the most important goals of Zaman Company is to eliminate challenges and lower technical and engineering concerns of any types of projects through presenting effective plans by considering cost and time saving; which will be significant contribution to the contractors and employers in executing and completion of projects better. The Technical and Engineering Office of Zaman Company uses the best, safest and the most suitable frames and scaffold systems as designed by the most superior technical and design software, based on which it presents contractors with the best layout and parts assembly blueprints for different types of civil engineering and construction projects. The entire technical subjects and executive requirements are shared with contractors in joint sessions; and even after confirming the design, carrying out the stages of framing blueprints and estimating the consumption items, producing and delivering them to the project site, if there will any need to provide consultation, training for installation, demounting and/or removal of defects (if any) in framing and scaffolding, Zaman Company will stay besides you, our dear customers to the last stage of the project.

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