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Quality Control Department

Our set of activities to control product quality

Quality control

In ISO term, quality control is a series of specifications and characteristics of a product in meeting consumer’s explicit and implied needs. The QC unit of Zaman Company consists of experienced engineers, who works alongside other units in alignment with quality control and maintaining the quality indexes of products as well as presenting desirable product to the customers. The QC unit takes samples from items and tests on the products in four stages:

1. Controlling the arriving raw materials

Any items and raw materials are inspected and checked upon arrival to the factory and if they conform to the relevant standards, they will be approved and sent to production lines for due consumption. Control during production process: In this stage, samples are taken at random to be tested and controlled in their appearance, dimensions and function.

2. Controlling during production process

In this stage, samples are taken from final product and are controlled and checked in accordance with the relevant standards in all aspects including physical shape and control (packaging terms), dimensional control (according to the defined standards and parameters) and performance control (lab and functional tests).

3. Controlling marginal products

In this stage, products are checked in general.

4. Control on loading stage

  • Maintaining and promoting the quality of products
  • Planning and receiving technical certificate on each one of the products
  • Receiving national and international standards

The meaning of quality in our way

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