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Modular Belt Frame

Specification of modular belt frame manufactured by Zeman company

Modular corners

Corner formworks are used to connect the modular forms in any corners,vertically and horizontally. These corners act like modular formworks and share the same mentioned specifications as modular formworks

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Punched Splints

These parts are also used like external corners for connecting two perpendicular surfaces in which case the exterior surface of the concrete will take a rather sharp shape. These punched splints are most widely utilized for connecting hanging panels to putter panels in concrete beam framing.

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Fillers are of various sections and in formwork system, enjoy various applications as follows:

  • For covering distances that application of standard modular forms is not possible.
  • In spaces limited to formwork that possibility of disassembling forms is not applicable. In such case, application of filler seems necessary.
  • In cases that possibility of displacement of all formwork system is possible with crane. By placing filler between large panels, integrated and large panels can be separated from surface of concrete easily from each other