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Sousan St., Golha Blvd, Kharazmi Industrial Complex,45Km Emam Reza Highway، Tehran, IRAN


brief description about Zeman Industry and the history of our activities

About Our Company

Zeman Company is a leading company in formwork & scaffolding industry in Middle East and CIS countries. ZEMANS founder mr hossein mortazavi sharif with 35 years of experience in manufacturing and industry has started to manufacturing formwork & scaffolding in 1992. Zeman takes pride in having a team of highly experienced and suitably qualified engineering and technical expert beside many high technology machines and equipment. According to different requests from our customers, we can provide a whole range of formwork & scaffolding designing.
We have a highly experienced production team, which maintains top level of every stage of the production progress. Each team of workers is led by a supervisor who monitors daily works. Automated welding machines and robot welding systems are widely used which increase scaffolding production capacity, about more than 10 ton per day. We developed formwork producing by forming machine that our engineers built it which increase formwork production capacity, about 20 ton per day.
With experienced workers, advanced machines and good management, our capacity is more than 16000 ton per year. We have complete quality control system, which guarantees the high quality of our products and assure all process due to standard schedule.

At present, with experienced and professional workers and engineers, advanced machinery and technology and good management, our production capacity is more than 16000 tons per year. Our complete quality control system guarantees the high quality of products according to the CSI standard tables.

We have sales offices in : iraq, afghanistan, and some countries in the CIS.

Our strategy

Improving the quality and bring new innovation in the building industry through the development of technical knowledge and training of expert specialist. On this strategic way we have five principles :

1. Human forces strategy: Absorb the best (human resources) through modifying payment systems and win-win relation with them

2. Financial strategy: Increasing the capital, Collecting the claims and managing liquidity, Risk management, Studying new investments

3. Production strategy: Control and inspection of raw materials upon arrival, Quality control and inspecting the product in stages, Increasing the quality of product, Reducing production time, Reducing production costs

4. Market strategy: Cust omer-centering, Developing brand and brand promotion, Marketing researches and determining the priority of marketing type, Sale engineering of the company, annual sale growth and profitability, Researches for arrival into new markets

5. Knowledge-innovation and creativity: Acquiring national and international standards and certificates, Research and development (R&D) development, Establishment and development of knowledge and innovation management, Marketing and introducing new products, Teaching and empowering human forces in different levels of the company in line with goals realization

Pioneer in producing exports products by aiming at developing export market, active presence in regional and global markets and increasing share in local market through acquiring the necessary competitiveness standards.

By producing and supplying high quality products demanded by contractors and employers, accompanying contractors and employers to the last stage of project, Zaman Company pursues approaches to remove challenges and reduce technical and engineering concerns of its clients in executing civil engineering and construction projects; and has set this important task as its mission.

The production of the latest building & construction industry products by using the technology of the day