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specification of belt / bends frame manufactured by Zeman company

In Zeman, we use the best steel sheets for the production of Formworks, their quality is St37 and their standard is comply with DIN 17100/80 of Germany.

Modular Formwork

We manufacture formwork in Zeman.co for various concrete structures such as walls, ceilings, concrete pillars, slab and foundation. We use the best steel sheets for our productions. The quality of steel sheets is St37. Their standard is complying with DIN 17100/80 of Germany. These steel sheets are specially for building projects and concrete structural. As you know this kind of steel is more resistant to impact. So you can use your formwork in more projects.

Belt Formwork

In Belt type , we cut the middle plate and side belts separately. Then we will be connected to each other by welding based on standards world. The thickness of the middle plate is 3mm.The thickness of punched belts is 5mm. Finally, we weld punched belt on the plate sides. The size of Punched belts as cross sections are 5 x 60mm or 5 x 50mm according to customer’s order. We note that the thickness and dimensions in different sizes can be changed on customer’s order. If you want to utilize the Exposed Concrete and you are interested in the smooth surface, you must using Belt Formwork.


Bent Formwork

We manufacture Bent type by a piece of steel sheet. The entire angles of this type and its peripheral belts are bent by machines. Then we weld a few numbers of its components. Bent type is at least 10% lighter than Belt type which is an economic advantage. The thickness of the sheets used in the bent type is 3 mm. We note that the thickness and dimensions in different sizes can be changed on request of customers. We don’t recommend Bent Formwork for surfaces that need to be completely flat.